If you think you’re tired of hearing about the NBA’s last two-minute reports, talk to Bulls coach Billy Donovan.

“A lot of it has come at the short end of the stick,” Donovan said before the Bulls’ Wednesday game against the Nets. “The second game of the year in Washington, he got fouled on DeMar’s shot. then obviously foul [on DeMar] in cleveland sports [in Chicago.],

The latest two calls were inside the final 12 seconds of Monday night’s overtime loss to the Cavaliers on the road.

One was a missed traveling call on Jarrett Allen and the other was a lane violation by Donovan Mitchell that led to his game-tying putback in regulation. The real issue for the Bulls is that the game should not have fallen into the hands of the officials to begin with. Because the Bulls gave up a 21-point lead before Mitchell had an opportunity to tie the game in the final four seconds, giving up one of their best first half performances of the season.

Donovan said, “It happened but we still had five minutes to play in overtime.” “Sometimes on those calls you can get caught up in something that nobody else did. We’ll have to see what we can do.”

One thing that Bulls can do? better rebound.

looking for a second chance

The Bulls have given up a league-worst 20.8 points in the past week, dropping three games in the process.

The latest of the bunch against the Cavs after Mitchell scored a record 71 points, two of which came off a putback on his own missed free throws. Let us know about the report of the last two minutes of the league. We also know that Patrick Williams allowed him to get rebounds. As a team, the Cavs scored 24 points on 13 second-chance looks on Monday night.

“Separate?” When asked what he could have done on that play, Williams asked in response. “Get the rebound.”

Donovan acknowledged the overallity of his team’s rebounding as an issue on Wednesday night and Nikola Vucevic addressed the issues after the shoot-around. His issues this season rank him 24th in the league in rebounding percentage. Both blamed the team’s rebounding woes for missing defensive rebounds on three-point looks.

The remedy is physicality and effort, both of which come down to willpower more than talent.

Vucevic said, “A lot of it has to do with using speed to our advantage and being more physical with our big man when they’re trying to take advantage of our little guys.” “But we have to go in the right places and be prepared to put in the extra effort.”

How are you doctor?

Javonte Green was placed on a treatment plan for inflammation in his right knee after seeing team doctors in Chicago on Tuesday. Wednesday was the 10th game Wing missed due to sore knees. Donovan didn’t have a timeline on when he expects Green to return to the lineup, just that he’ll undergo treatment over the next few days and the team will reassess from there.

“We hope the treatment goes really well and we can have him back soon,” Donovan said. “But we’ll have to see how it goes.”

Derrick Jones Jr. was available after being listed as questionable against the Nets after suffering an eye in the Bulls’ overtime loss to the Cavs on Monday night.

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