The Perilogics Universal Airplane Phone Holder Mount Review


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The Perilogics universal airplane phone holder mount review

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Traveling can be a daunting task for even the most seasoned adventurers. Among delays and cancellations, lost luggage, uncomfortable seats, loud neighbors and more, there are many things that can make what should be a simple trip far from ideal. So when a product comes along that helps alleviate some of those roadside pains, we’re interested.

Enter Universal airplane phone mount Perilogics. Sitting with your neck bent at a 45-degree angle and watching a movie on your phone is not an option if you want to get to your destination without severe stiffness and pain. This small but effective phone mount is designed to be the perfect solution to any in-flight viewing experience.


I tried Perilogics phone mount on a recent flight, and it has become a staple in my travel wardrobe — and more. That’s why.

This multifunctional phone mount is a great addition to any traveler’s to-do list. It works with most devices and can ultimately make any flight more comfortable with eye-level viewing. This handheld device costs just under $15 and is a must for any traveler.


I flew a lot. For example, I averaged over 100,000 miles per year for several years (minus the stationary pandemic years, of course). The only problem that has always existed for me is how to watch my favorite downloaded movies and series from my phone without squeezing my neck.

With more and more airlines ditching seatback entertainment screens, it’s becoming increasingly important to have your own entertainment. i stumbled upon Universal airplane phone mount Perilogics While browsing travel essentials on Amazon, I was intrigued by the almost 10,000 positive reviews. And as it turned out, this small but powerful device single-handedly solved my painful travel problem.

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This easy-to-use seatback phone holder is a game-changer for travelers on any budget. Not only is it a mere $13 budget in itself, but anyone can use it if you have something to watch on your phone that isn’t on your in-flight entertainment system (think Netflix exclusives, YouTube videos, and whatnot).


First, it’s worth noting that this phone mount can work with just about any mobile device, whether you’re an Apple fan, a Google fanatic, or whatever. It worked with every Apple device I’ve tried, including one in a phone case. The company says it will fit any screen up to 6.7 inches — in other words, all Apple iPhones will fit.

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Once you’ve got your phone in the mount, the fun part comes: positioning it properly for optimal visibility. This thing is spinning – like, a lot. The dual mount hinges allow for 360-degree multi-directional rotation, allowing it to flex into truly wonderful shapes. Ultimately, it’s about finding the best way to position the mount for maximum horizontal viewing from your seat. And, as an added bonus, if you can position your phone to allow it, you’ll still have access to a charging port to keep your device fully charged throughout the movie.

When you’re ready to stabilize the mount, extend the 1.5″ clamp and attach it to the part of the seat directly in front of you. When I tried to use the device on a recent flight, I attached it to the literature pocket above the tray table and it worked great. The clip itself is lined with silicone so it won’t move if you have to touch the screen or if your plane gets caught in turbulence. And thanks to the silicone gasket, the mount felt completely secure and could potentially hold my iPhone 12 Pro Max for hours on end.

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My only small gripe with the device was that the clamp was quite difficult to stretch, requiring little effort. For this reason, I recommend attaching the seat mount in front of you only when your phone is properly positioned and you’re ready to stream, so as not to disturb the neighbor in front. Let’s face it, no one wants to be that annoying passenger who constantly bangs on the seat in front of them.

This game-changing travel device goes above and beyond to help enhance the travel experience and can also fit in the palm of your hand. When you’re done using the device, fold it down to a compact size and store it in any travel backpack or carry-on. During my flight, I found that the device was small enough to fit in my pocket during boarding, so I didn’t have to get up and get my backpack from the overhead bin.

It wasn’t until I got home from a short weekend trip that I became aware of the many other uses for Perilogics phone mount. While it’s mostly marketed as great for airplane and travel use, it’s also a great tool for home use. Tired of keeping your phone in bed? Move it to a horizontal position so that it lies flat on the bedside table. Want to watch a cooking class while you cook dinner? Attach the mount to a secure kitchen surface. For less than $15 USD, this item can be used not only on the plane, but also make home life more convenient and hands-free.

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I love Perilogics phone mount for its simple, efficient structure and ability to solve one of the most important comfort problems in flight. I will take it with me on all upcoming summer trips and beyond.

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