Tom Cruise Flies Jet While Accepting MTV Movie And TV Award


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Tom Cruise Flies Jet While Accepting MTV Movie and TV Award

Feature Tom Cruise Accepts MTV Movie and TV Award While Flying a Jet

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Tom Cruise skyrocketed after winning the MTV Movie and TV Awards – literally. He received the award for best performance in a movie on his plane.

The 60-year-old actor received golden popcorn on Sunday, May 7, at an awards ceremony for his role in Top Shooter: Maverickso it was only fitting that he agreed while piloting the plane.


“Hi everyone, thank you so much for this award,” he shared, speaking into his aviation headset. “I make these films for you. I love you, I love to entertain you! There is no better feeling to know how much you like it, how much you appreciate it.”

Tom Cruise receives the MTV Movie and TV Award while flying

Tom Cruise Scott Garfield/Paramount Pictures

He concluded by promoting his other action film franchise, Mission impossible. The seventh installment in the franchise is set to hit theaters on July 12.

“Hope you like it Mission: Impossible: The Wage of De*th – Part 1. It should come out in July. It’s a wild ride,” Cruz said. “You have a wonderful summer, thanks again for letting me entertain you; This is an absolute privilege. See you at the movies!”


Top Shooter: Maverick, which hit theaters in May 2022, is one of the few films to win both golden popcorn at the MTV Movie & TV Awards and an Oscar at the Academy Awards. Action, sequel to the 1986 film. Best shooter, won Best Sound at the prestigious ceremony in March and was nominated for Best Film, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Original Song, Best Film Editing. and Best Visual Effects.

While Cruise clearly had an elaborate plan to accept the award virtually, other stars were more reserved after MTV canceled the in-person event at the last minute. Thursday, May 4, host Drew Barrymore dropped out to support the writers’ strike. The next day, the red carpet was canceled due to calls from the Writers Guild of America to picket the show at a Santa Barbara hangar in California. On Saturday, May 6, the network announced that the MTV Movie & TV Awards will be pre-recorded.

After all, the show included several pre-recorded Barrymore comedy snippets, flashback clips from previous years, and speeches that were pre-filmed. Pedro Pascal received three awards for Last of us. Bella Ramsey, Joseph Quinn and Barrymore also recorded virtual acceptance speeches, with many shouting words of support for the writers’ strike.


Jennifer Coolidge nodded to the writers as he accepted the Comedic Genius award from home. “Almost all great comedies start with great writers, and I just think that as a proud member of the SAG, I’m standing here in front of you tonight, side by side with my WGA sisters and brothers who are fighting right now. The fight for artists’ rights is everywhere,” Coolidge, 61, said.


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