Bybit was launched in 2018. It allows users to trade indefinite derivatives on digital assets with margin leverage up to 100x. The platform is headquartered in Dubai.

Users have access to direct and inverse perpetual contracts and options. Today, Bybit is one of the top ten crypto exchanges in terms of futures trading volume.

The derivatives exchange caters to customers from different parts of the world, both experienced users and beginners. As such, the platform has a multi-lingual interface and technical support, as well as a demo account.

With a demo account, users can practice their skills on the crypto market without worrying about real funds. 

Fast registration, optional identity verification, leverage up to 100x, low commissions and simple interface and a lot of other advantages are the reasons why users choose Bybit exchange.

The trading bot from RevenueBot will help automate trading on the Bybit exchange. This kind of trading is necessary for people who want their trading to be offline. In addition, the crypto bot can bring passive profits to the trader 24/7.

Trading bot from RevenueBot

Bots for automated trading have been around for a long time and have gained a reputation as the best trader’s assistant. Technically speaking, a trading bot is software that interacts with exchanges.

With a trading bot for Bybit, users cannot worry about committing an accidental mistake because the bot is devoid of human error. Also, trading will generate more potential income as the bot can trade with multiple trading pairs at the same time.

Using the RevenueBot service, traders create bots and trade on the classic Bybit Spot. In addition, you will be able to trade ByBit Futures USDS-M perpetual contracts.

Why do you need automated trading?

This type of trading is convenient for those who do not want to spend all day in front of the monitor screen. Automated trading takes place even when a person is asleep, so with the right strategy and the right bot parameters, potential profits can flow to the trader every day.

 Summarizing the above, you can combine the advantages of a cryptobot before trading “hands”:

  • The possibility of mistakes due to emotions is reduced to zero. Because the bot trades according to a pre-designed strategy;
  • Trading with several pairs at the same time. It would be difficult enough for a human to follow several pairs in different markets, but a trading bot can do it;
  • Working 24/7. The trading bot does not need rest, sleep or any breaks. It works all the time;
  • Also bots of RevenueBot service have an opportunity to switch trading pairs automatically. That means that when the trade pair exhibited is not profitable, the bot will not stand idle. It will automatically switch to the best pair it finds.

All these advantages make it possible to engage in automated trading on Bybit.

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