Donald Trump, in a TRUTH social screed with lots of capital letters on Friday, demanded that governors across the country make voting as inconvenient as possible by banning most mail-in ballots and limiting turnout to a single day.

And ballots should all be filled out on paper, he argued in his post.

“Get it done,” he commanded.

Trump believes that the fewer people who vote, the better it is for the Republican Party. Banning postal ballots and limiting voting to one day would almost certainly reduce voter turnout. His plan would be difficult for working people and parents, difficult for the elderly and disabled, and nearly impossible for the bedridden.

A study of 2020 voting patterns by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology showed that mail-in votes by Democrats increased significantly compared to mail-in voting by Republicans. “Altogether, Nearly 60% of Democrats cast their ballots by mail in 2020, compared to just 30% for Republicans,” the study said.

Still, a loss of that 30%, or a fraction thereof, can lose a race. Some prominent Republicans are now reportedly pushing for more mail-in balloting and early voting in the wake of the party’s poor performance in the November midterm elections.

Former Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich, for example, called for support for his party Mail-in balloting follows Herschel Walker’s defeat in the US Senate race in Georgia, where Republicans last year passed a restrictive voting law making it harder to vote by mail.

And unless the laws are changed, Republicans are only required to vote early by mail or in person to compete with Democratic voters.

β€œOur voters need to vote early. In 2020 many people were saying: Don’t vote by mail, don’t vote early. And we have to stop and understand that if Democrats are getting ballots for a month, We can’t expect to do it all in a day,Rona McDaniel, chair of the Republican National Committee, sounded the warning on Fox News after the midterm elections.

Trump himself has voted by mail, yet aims to deny that facility to others. He voted by mail in 2021 in a municipal election in Palm Beach County, where his Mar-a-Lago residence is located.

The only exceptions he would make under his limited system would be “distant military” personnel, and those with “proven illness”.

Critics had some pushback:

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