With a very literal backdrop of the Southeast 95th Street Bridge, Vice President Kamala Harris came to Chicago on Wednesday to tout the impact of the bipartisan $1.2 trillion infrastructure law, which includes $144 million to rehabilitate four bridges along the Calumet River Grant of Rs. ,

Harris’ trip to Illinois — her sixth since taking office — followed President Joe Biden visiting the Brent Spence Bridge in Kentucky and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg traveling to Connecticut to tour the Gold Star Bridge, to highlight It was part of a joint effort to highlight how the administration is growing the economy and making an impact in communities across the country. It was also an attempt to highlight the bipartisanship in the newly divided Congress, as Biden thanked Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell for his role in passing the massive infrastructure plan.

President Joe Biden joins Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear, left, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine, former Sen. Rob Portman, Sen. Sherrod Brown and Sen. Mitch McConnell at the Brent Spence Bridge connecting Ohio and Kentucky. A bipartisan infrastructure bill helped repair the span.

“After two years in office, I can say with confidence that we are building that better future,” Harris said in Chicago. “We are building an economy, as President Biden often says, from the bottom up and the middle out. And I’ll add from outside to inside.


Vice President Kamala Harris, President Joe Biden and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg traveled across the country on Wednesday to highlight the administration’s $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill that is boosting the economy.

A $144 million grant through bipartisan infrastructure legislation will rehabilitate the 92nd Street, 95th Street, 100th Street and 106th Street bridges along the Calumet River.

Harris said the 95th Street Bridge, built in 1958, hasn’t undergone major repairs for decades — causing detours and delays, driving up delivery costs and disrupting supply chains, all of which are difficult for families, small businesses and workers. It happens.

“The consequences of underinvestment in infrastructure have been a familiar story in cities and states across our country,” Harris said. “About 43,000 bridges, about one in 10, in our country show signs of serious distress. And you know, people have been talking about this problem for years, but now I’m proud to say Eventually we will fix this problem.”

The White House said the funds are part of more than $2 billion in investment from bipartisan infrastructure legislation that will be used to upgrade economically important bridges across the country.

The bipartisan infrastructure law committed $40 billion to repair and rebuild the nation’s bridges, which the White House described as the largest dedicated investment in bridges since the construction of the Eisenhower-era Interstate Highway System.

“Rehabilitating these bridges will undoubtedly reap massive, local, regional and national benefits, as well as reinforce our city’s many competitive advantages, including our centrality, proximity to vital resources such as fresh water and of course an unrivaled talent pool. Pool included,” Mayor Lori Lightfoot said at the event. “And did I mention? It means, job, job job.

U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., and Cook County Board President Tony Preckwinkle attended the event.

Within minutes the Vice President visited the nearby Calumet Fisheries, a well-known and beloved smoked seafood stop along the river. Harris picked up two bags of food including smoked salmon and trout. She told a Calumet fishery employee that trout was her husband’s favorite.

Harris has been a frequent visitor to Illinois since taking office. She last stayed in Chicago on November 6 for a get-out-the-vote rally.

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