The rebellion against California Representative Kevin McCarthy and his bid to speak out is rooted not only in personal animosity, but in a deep ideological campaign by hard-right conservatives to discredit, disrupt and dismantle the federal government, and which Overhaul the way Congress works to make it easier.

The dissidents challenging Mr McCarthy have pressed for a balanced federal budget – one that would not allow any deficit spending – as well as for special rules that would void federal offices for lawmakers and government employees. Makes it easier to make a fire.

They also want to make it harder to ensure that federal funds are directed toward individual projects. and the dissidents want to build heavy fortifications border with Mexico, abolish the Internal Revenue Service and replace federal income taxes with a consumption tax.

To further his policy goals, he has long sought to overhaul the way the House operates in order to allow individual rank-and-file lawmakers to have more influence over the way legislation is considered. Emphasized. Conservatives have long complained about the top-down power structure that has flourished in the House since Newt Gingrich, a Republican and former speaker, took office in 1995 and was responsible for negotiating deals and passing legislation. sought to reduce efforts.

There is some validity to the claim that rank-and-file MPs are cut off from most high-level deal-making. The pressure of work and the inability to meet deadlines have led House and Senate leaders to broker major legislative compromises among themselves and then force approval with little time for review.

The latest example was last month’s passage of a nearly $1.7 trillion government funding package, which was thrust upon most lawmakers in the final days of work before Christmas, with little opportunity to review the details.

“America knows Washington is broken,” said Representative Paul Gosar of Arizona, one of the ringleaders of the speaker rebellion, on Tuesday as he pressed for the election of fellow Arizona Republican Andy Biggs. “A wise man once told me that a good process makes good policy, makes good politics. We have to go back to him.

While Mr. McCarthy had already promised a series of changes designed to give rank-and-file lawmakers a greater say in the process, far-right Republicans are embracing his policy agenda and giving him powerful positions on congressional committees. want commitments to deliver, things California Republicans have refused to do. They also wanted him to stop funding primary challengers in the open Republican race, essentially promising not to try to put out a more mainstream right-wing conservative candidate, as he has often attempted to do. Have done

Representative Ken Buck, a Colorado Republican and Freedom Caucus member who is backing McCarthy, acknowledged the disappointment among the broad swath of members and said a key element of the Republican tussle is “transparency.”

“One thing people in the Freedom Caucus are asking for is more time to read bills before they vote,” said Mr. Buck, who said such a guarantee could benefit supporters of both Mr. McCarthy and his opponents.

The demand for additional changes comes as several lawmakers in the new Republican majority have said they will raise limits on the country’s ability to borrow unless Democrats in the Senate and the White House agree to cut spending. Will withhold important votes.

The changes would make it more difficult for a divided government to enact any basic legislation, let alone keep federal spending at its current levels and avoid a widespread economic catastrophe.

Arriving majorities of both parties in the past have promised greater participation for ordinary lawmakers, more opportunities to offer amendments, and more time to study legislation. When Mr. McCarthy proposed a rules package to determine how the House would operate, he included measures that would require 72 hours’ notice before any vote on the bill and a spending cap. There will be intention.

But leaders of both parties have found in the past that opening up the process significantly slows legislative work, if not halts it entirely, and new rules are then sought in the interest of greater efficiency and less politically charged votes. is left in

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