Rachel dolezal And Ollie London There are only a few examples from the respective zodiac of white people who have recently drawn people of color to clout. The latest appears to be Kay LeClair, leader of a Wisconsin-based queer indigenous artists’ collective Guilty To fake his legacy.

Self-proclaimed Native American activist – also identified as ,two feelings,” a word having both a masculine and a feminine sense – Wisconsin’s indigenous community has played a prominent role. LeClaire recently led a petition to change the name of a white-owned bar, The Winnebago, to an Indigenous-derived name. In the past, they have claimed to be of Métis, Oneida, Anishinaabe and Haudenosaunee heritage, according to a Tuesday’s Report by Madison365, His alleged ethnicity has also helped him to gain financial advantagethe outlet said.

LeClaire was first accused of faking her Indigenous identity by an anonymous user message board who questioned his claims, Among them were allegations that Leclair’s parents were of German and Swedish descent, as well as suggestions that Leclair used her Ojibwe name in an inconsistent manner.

Since then, LeClair has reportedly apologised. “Going forward, my efforts will be towards minimizing harm by following instructions provided by original community members and community-designated proxies,” he wrote in an email to Madison365., “Any culturally related items I have are being distributed back into the community, either to the original makers and gift givers when possible or as determined by community members.”

Whatever lies LeClair may have concocted about his identity, the incident points to a much wider problem of “”.pretense,” a term used to describe people who falsely claim to be of indigenous origin. This is a phenomenon that has popular especially in academic places More recently across the US and Canada, according to new York Times,

Native American communities are particularly sensitive to cultural appropriation. After mass killings of indigenous peoples across the continent left communities torn from their cultures, many sought tPreserve what’s left of refusing to measure tribal membership based on looks or appearances blood volumewhich is often considered a colonial construction based on eugenics, Instead, tribal membership is usually determined by ancestry and other factors that are easy to falsely claim.

Perhaps the most famous example of an accused Pretenderion was Sachin Littlefeather, an iconic figure of the Native American movement, who called out Hollywood for its mistreatment of indigenous peoples. 1973 Oscars, After her death last year, Littlefather’s sisters told San Francisco Chronicle that neither of his parents were actually Native American and that Littlefeather lied. but advocates also have denied those claimsBecause proving Indigenous ancestry can be complicated.

The bottom line is that Pretendians are very dangerous to those who actually belong to Native communities but do not appear stereotypically Indigenous. They undermine those who really need a platform, and they ultimately hurt the legitimacy of all indigenous movements. Members of Native American communities have been silenced since the founding of this country, and they still are—but this time, by those who claim to be them.

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