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Like many beauty enthusiasts, I’ve long coveted dyson airwrap, a styling tool that has been reviewed, loved, hated and adored the world over for its innovative technology and ability to create some gorgeous salon-worthy looks with no heat damage . The love-hate relationship many people have with the Dyson Multi-Styler has to do with the fact that it costs $600.

As if answering our hair-round prayers, the vacuum brand Shark issued a similar product Featuring nearly identical technology to last summer, an updated design and a larger selection of attachments to replace all your existing hair tools. The best part? It’s less than half the cost.

With the Shark Flex Styler you can expect all the things that made AirWrap so popular in the first place: an adjustable-temperature stream of constant airflow that delivers fast styling with minimal heat loss, as well as multiple attachments. promises drying and styling that allows you to easily volumize, curl, straighten, blow dry and lock in place with cool-shot hair.

Notably, the FlexStyler uses Coanda technology, the same feature for which AirWrap is so famous. Coanda is the styling setting that reverses the direction of airflow so that sections of hair are automatically yet gently pulled and wrapped around the curling barrel for a nearly hands-free styling experience.

Besides price, another big difference with the Shark Flex Style is its swivel arm function, which is a personal selling point for me and a difference that was very well received among other commentators and reviewers. TIC Toc,

The 90 degree position of the arm makes it less cumbersome for full styling and easier to create multi-directional curls and to convert the styler into a more traditional shaped hair dryer. Dyson’s AirWrap, on the other hand, calls for a bit more maneuvering on the part of the user, especially when using the curling attachment, as the handle remains upright.

A beauty content creator who goes by the handle TikTok @neoitgirl Showdowned a non-sponsored styling tool and featured in several Video How the FlexStyle holds up in terms of styling capabilities, ease of use and attachment performance.

“I’m totally obsessed with this swivel arm. It makes it so much more convenient to move parts around the face…and my arms don’t get tired and it blows everything up so quickly,” she said. @abhyangAnother TikTok creator, along with said comparison video that “the verdict is in… the Shark Flex Style curls just as good as the Dyson.”

Although both Dyson and Shark claim to be compatible with all hair types from the straight 4C, the FlexStyle is the only option that offers a diffuse attachment Which have retractable teeth and can help define natural curls as well as dry them from root to tip.

Other Available Flex Styles attachment Include a volume-inducing oval brush with smoothing boar bristles to achieve ’90s blow outs, a styling concentrator, detangling paddle brush with boar bristles, a wide-tooth drying comb and two 1.25-inch curling wands which can be switched on Aadhaar. Which direction do you want your curls to take? Each accessory can be purchased separately, or you can choose from pre-selected FlexStyle bundles that Shark offers based on your hair type.

From what I can tell, the Shark’s performance seems to be on par with its competitors, the product stays close in quality and its price seems totally reasonable. Needless to say, I’m impressed — and if you are too, scroll back up to find out where you can take (or gift) one for the holidays this year.

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