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Good evening Here’s the latest at the end of Friday.

2. US job growth slowed last month but remains solid.

US employers added 223,000 jobs in December, in line with economists’ expectations but below the average in recent months. The unemployment rate dropped to 3.5 percent, back to its pre-pandemic low.

The recession is a sign that rising interest rates have helped cool the economy, as the Fed had hoped, without stalling it. For the year, the economy added 4.5 million jobs, the second most on record.

In other business news, The carrier said the slowdown at Southwest Airlines during the holidays could cost it up to $825 million.

3. Russian shelling continues in Ukraine despite Vladimir Putin’s ceasefire order.

In the eastern Ukrainian town of Bakhmut, artillery and mortar fire continued to fly into Ukrainian-held areas from Russian positions well after the publicized start of a holiday ceasefire. Russia’s Defense Ministry said that Ukrainian forces had fired on Russian positions and that Russian forces were simply returning fire. Ukrainian officials dispute that timeline.

Comments by Russian allies today suggest Putin’s cease-fire – publicly portrayed as an effort to respect the Orthodox faith – was motivated by domestic issues, as he tries to rally the Russian people. Is.

In other news from the war, The US announced a new $3 billion package of military aid to Ukraine that will include the powerful Bradley Fighting Vehicles.

4. As the Lunar New Year approaches, rural areas of China are bracing for the onslaught of Covid.

Villages in China have managed to escape the worst of the coronavirus pandemic for the past three years, as strict government measures have largely kept the virus at bay. But that good fortune may be coming to an end: Millions of migrant workers are expected to travel to their rural homes this month for the holidays.

Many worry that travel could spread COVID to China’s rural villages, where residents are older and health care services are severely underdeveloped.

In other health news, The FDA has approved a new Alzheimer’s drug that may slow cognitive decline in the early stages of the disease, but also carries some safety risks.

5. Damar Hamlin talks to his teammates during preparation for Sunday’s game.

Team officials said Hamlin, the Bills safety who was injured during a game on Monday, had his breathing tube removed overnight and was able to speak with his family, doctors and teammates . During a video chat with teammates and coaches today, Hamlin made a heart gesture with his hands, flexed his arm muscles and delivered a simple message: “Love you boys,” the Bills coach said.

Hamlin’s doctors said that even though he had shown progress, it was too early to determine whether Hamlin would make a full recovery. The Bills play the New England Patriots on Sunday, their first game since Hamlin’s injury and will wear a patch in his honor during the game.

In other sports news, High-scoring NBA games, a rarity a decade ago, have become regular affairs. My colleague Victor Mather explains why this is happening.

6. Today marks two years since the January 6 attack on the Capitol.

The ongoing investigation into the attack on the Capitol has become the largest criminal investigation in the history of the Department of Justice. Federal agents have seized hundreds of cellphones, questioned thousands of witnesses and followed up on thousands of tips – leading to 900 arrests so far.

But the investigation is still far from over: Scores, if not hundreds, of more people could face charges in the coming years. In the background, a special counsel is investigating whether Donald Trump or his allies violated the law in their effort to overturn the election.

in related news The family of a Capitol police officer killed after the January 6 attack sued Trump and two Capitol rioters, arguing that his death was a “direct and foreseeable result” of their actions that day.

7. Widening the highways doesn’t solve the traffic problem, but still we keep doing it.

Research shows that the expansion of highways actually “stimulates” demand. In 2015, Los Angeles spent $1 billion to widen a 10-mile stretch of the interstate to ease congestion, but after a short period, traffic was as bad as before the repairs.

8. Some engineers want to build conscious robots. Others say it’s a bad idea.

Some mechanical engineers have dedicated their careers to developing conscious robots, machines that can learn and change their behavior as much as – or even better than – humans can.

One challenge is that consciousness is difficult to define. Another issue is the ethical question inherent in such a creation: should robots be given rights? Should they be programmed to feel happiness because they serve us?

9. Streaming replaced TV. Is Streaming Replacing Now TV?

“Kaleidoscope,” Netflix’s new heist series, generating buzz for its gimmick: episodes set before and after an elaborate robbery attempt are served in random order to viewers (except for the episode featuring the real heist, which runs last). It’s the latest in a series of attempts to attract viewers with tricks that traditional television can’t match.

But, as our chief television critic writes, none of these gimmicks have really stuck, and streaming services have increasingly opted for TV-like release schedules. A decade of streaming has transformed storytelling and viewing habits, but now we can begin to map the limits of that change.

Elsewhere in the world of entertainment, A group of our film critics and Times arts editors pick the films and actors they think deserve Oscar nominations this year.

10. And finally, In a world of fad diets, the Mediterranean diet stands out.

Research has found that people who regularly eat the cuisine of countries like Greece, Croatia and Italy – which include lots of vegetables, whole grains, nuts, lean protein and healthy fats – have lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol and lower rates of heart disease.

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