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Good evening Here’s the latest as of late Thursday.

A top Republican told reporters that McCarthy and his allies “hope to defer” and hold talks with party holdouts. Once the House reconvenes, the vote will continue until the Speaker is elected. Follow our live updates.

2. Vladimir Putin orders a 36-hour ceasefire, which Ukrainians dismiss as “hypocrisy”.

The Russian leader asked his military leaders to temporarily avoid frontline combat for Orthodox Christmas, and urged the Ukrainian government to follow suit. If implemented, the ceasefire would be the most comprehensive of its kind since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine nearly a year ago.

3. Authorities said DNA on a knife sheath helped lead them to the suspect in the Idaho stabbing.

After court records were made public of the man accused of killing four college students in a stabbing attack, investigators said they had identified him by analyzing surveillance footage and DNA from the crime scene.

The record also includes a statement from a roommate of the victims, who said she saw a man dressed in black in her home the night of the murder. In his initial appearance before an Idaho judge today, the suspect, 28-year-old Brian Kohberger, was denied bail.

In other legal news, President Biden announced a sweeping crackdown on people seeking asylum at the southern border, while also saying the US would admit up to 30,000 migrants from Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Haiti who apply to enter legally.

4. “We’re going to need everybody.”

In the tragic moments after Buffalo Bills safety Asphalt Hamlin collapsed on the field on Monday night after suffering cardiac arrest, medical personnel immediately responded to the kind of emergency the league hoped would never face , shows audio recording.

Doctors treating Hamlin said today that he was “awake and breathing” and able to communicate by writing with pen and paper. Doctors said the 24-year-old asked if his team had won the game during which he had collapsed.

The league’s calls on Hamlin’s behalf have often gone beyond pro forma “thoughts and prayers”—revealing the ways in which Christianity has long been intertwined with football culture, from the game through its popularity in the Bible Belt. is linked to.

7. Heavy rains in California reveal a dilemma: fight the water or retreat?

Nearly 130,000 homes are without power in northern areas of the state as of this afternoon as an intense winter storm system continues to rage. More heavy rain and wind are expected in the coming days.

A series of storms, now in its second week, has flooded communities, breached levees and disrupted travel in the Bay Area – prompting some California officials to change their approach to adapt to 21st-century climate threats. have been forced to consider.

Some experts have urged giving rivers more room to overflow, which could help protect against floods and store rainwater underground for droughts. To do this would most likely require the government to buy land, but land costs are high and public finances are tight.

8. Password breach with lessons for all of us.

Late last month, LastPass, maker of a popular security program for managing digital passwords, announced that cybercriminals had breached its systems and obtained copies of customers’ password vaults, potentially storing their online information. are exposing.

The breach was a huge headache for the company’s millions of users, but our personal tech columnist writes that it can also teach us about better protecting our passwords: Security products are never foolproof, and adding authentication methods Always easier said than done to protect accounts after breaches.

10. And finally, Skip the stretch and move on.

For many people, especially those in their 20s, a pre-workout warm-up means a series of long, slow, sedentary stretches—for example, squatting down and stretching one leg over the other. In recent years, however, exercise scientists have devised a better way to prepare your body for exertion: the dynamic warm-up.

Scientists say that a set of controlled, up-tempo movements performed before exercising can help make workouts safer and more effective, improving performance and potentially reducing the risk of injury.

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