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Good evening Here’s the latest as of late Wednesday.

1. Without a leader, the House of Representatives is at a standstill.

House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy of California has now lost six consecutive votes for speaker — failing to garner the votes of any first-ballot opponents — despite public support from Donald Trump and no clear alternative.

The House, which remains in a historic impasse between McCarthy’s allies and a small group of far-right members, adjourned until 8 p.m. tonight, when it could hold an additional vote for the speaker. Meanwhile, the chamber has essentially become unusable. Follow our live updates.

Those involved in the sport have reacted with a shared sense of shock. This prompted those responsible for ensuring the safety of the players to look in the mirror; It reaffirmed to some fans their love for the game and its community; And it made others re-evaluate their appetite for football violence.

The NFL said it has not yet determined what to do about the suspended Bengals-Bills game. Here are possible options.

3. Ukraine says that the stockpile of missiles near Russia is decreasing.

The Russian military is struggling to replenish its arsenal and get new weapons off the production line into combat use, according to a senior Ukrainian intelligence official, who said the Russians still have the skills to conduct large-scale attacks. is sufficient.

Meanwhile, Russian troops are compensating for this by increasing their use of drones, including those made by Iran. Drones have one advantage for Russia: they are much cheaper than the missiles Ukraine uses to shoot them down.

In other news from the war, Russia said the deadly attack on the barracks in Makiivka was mainly due to Russian soldiers using cellphones to help Ukrainian soldiers find their location.

4. The EU ruled that the advertising practices of Facebook and Instagram were illegal.

Regulators fined Meta, the parent company of social media sites $414 million, for illegally forcing users to accept personalized ads — a major defeat that severely dented its advertising business. Could have

The decision is one of the most consequential since the European Union, one of Meta’s biggest markets, enacted a landmark data-privacy law in 2018 that aims to bar social media companies from collecting information about users without their prior consent. to restrict the ability to collect information.

In other business news, Salesforce, the business software giant, is laying off 10 percent of its work force, or about 8,000 employees. And US-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase will pay $50 million for violating anti-money laundering laws.

5. Heavy rain storm is coming in California for the second time in a week.

“Don’t let your guard down,” the National Weather Service warned residents of Northern California about a powerful storm that is forecast to deliver up to four inches of rain. Forecasters are particularly concerned because the land is already saturated from the weekend’s storms, leaving the area susceptible to flooding and rapid runoff.

Officials spent most of the day preparing the area for the storm. Many parks were closed due to the threat that strong wind gusts would bring down trees. And in flood-prone San Mateo County, students were told to go home early and not return to school tomorrow.

in Europe, Some countries saw their warmest start to the year ever, forcing many ski resorts to close trails during their peak season.

6. The mastermind of the college admission scam was sentenced to three years in prison.

In a final chapter to the Operation Varsity Blues scandal, Rick Singer, identified by prosecutors as the ringleader of a $25 million criminal enterprise that “massively corrupted the integrity of the college admissions process,” has been arraigned in federal court. Was sentenced to 42 months. the prison.

The sentence was longer than anyone else involved in the investigation, but less than the six years recommended by prosecutors.

In other legal news, The crime student accused of fatally stabbing four college students was in the process of being transferred to Idaho today after agreeing to be extradited from Pennsylvania to face murder charges.

In other law enforcement news, An NYPD officer has been suspended after a video appeared to show him repeatedly striking a young man over the head with his fist.

7. Has Amazon reached its peak?

The Amazon is called the “lungs of the Earth” because of the amount of carbon dioxide it absorbs. However, recent research suggests that rainforests may actually be releasing much more carbon than they take in, thanks in part to decomposing plant matter – or, as one researcher puts it, “effectively dying more than growing.”

8. Says goodbye to “Stomp,” a show in the throbbing heart of New York City.

Since its debut at the Orpheum Theater in the East Village in 1994, the wordless percussion spectacle of twirling, tapping, sweeping, clanging, and of course stomping, has gone from a scrappy neighborhood attraction to a mainstay of America’s largest city . But after 29 years the production will close for good on Sunday due to dwindling ticket sales.

Readers and critics shared with us their memories of “Stomp.” Maya Phillips, a critic at Mass, said, “The experience helped me realize that theater could be more intimate, imaginative and experimental than Midtown money-makers.”

In other theater news, The Broadway show grossed $51.9 million in the week between Christmas and New Year’s – its best performance since 2019.

In other arts news, Our awards season columnist ranks the top 10 films in the race for this year’s Best Picture Oscar.

9. After a season of big feasts and indulgent treats, January is a time for nourishment.

One of the most common resolutions people make each year is to eat a healthier, more balanced diet, so we’ve put together recipes for 13 dishes you’ll love cooking.

one of the easiest recipes Chicken and Cabbage Salad that can be spiced with a Miso-Sesame Vinaigrette, Leftover dressing can be kept in the fridge for weeks and used on almost anything.

looking ahead, We rounded up 10 predictions about where the food world could be going this year.

10. And finally, Five minutes that will make you fall in love with Sun Ra.

The experimental pianist, organist and bandleader recorded more than 200 albums and reimagined life on other planets through a special blend of jazz. He is widely praised by a range of musicians, writers and critics. Some of them shared with us their favorite songs from their catalogue.

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